Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reality and Phinomina.

We see sun,moon,stars,ocean,mountains and trees etc around us. Can we state that everything we see is as such as we perceive it?. Is the size,shape or colour of a particular thing is the same what we perceive by our eyes? Look at moon or a star. Does our perception in respect of size or shape agree to the actual size or shape of moon or star? No., Why? -

We know that a star which is very big can be seen only as very small. Here, we say that the sun, moon and stars appear to be small since those spheres are in the space far away from the earth where we live in. Yes; I agree.

Look at the rising and setting of sun - In the morning I see the sun arrives at a point above the mountain in the eastern side. In the evening it touches the Arabian sea. Of course, all of us are aware of that our experience on rising of sun and setting of sun is unreal.- Rising and setting of sun---It is a phenomenon; not reality. Scientific knowledge revealed that sun, moon, stars etc. are moving in their proper paths. Okay.Let us leave such matter now.

Let me go through in another way:

We may look at the things existing near to us. For an example, take a flower. I perceive it. Can I firmly state that the actual size or colour of the flower is the same which is perceived by me? Suppose I try to see this flower through a telescope. Then I will see a very big flower.Which is real? What is the actual size of flower? Whether the actual size of flower is the size which I perceived by my naked eyes or what I saw by the support of the telescope? Somebody will plead that the telescope is an instrument made by man, eye is a sense organ and therefore the actual size of flower is which I perceived by naked eyes (without utilising the advantage of a telescope.)

Here, let me putforth a question:

Whether the structure of our eyes and/or brain centre of sight is/are formed by ourselves? If not, how can anybody ascertain that God or nature made our eyes and/or brain centre according to the system so that anything comes to our sight will be perceived as it really is. If our eyes had been created in the structure of the present telescope, we will see all the things corresponding to such a "telescope eye". Is it not so?

Let me conclude as below:

We see animals, birds, trees, plants, mountains, hills, river, sea etc. I am not sure whether they all appear to me as they, really, are. I see Phenomina. It is not certain to me I see reality.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Absolute truth

According to Rishis the absolute truth is beyond the words of any language. Can we deny this considering their statement as a false claim? Is it a scientifical approach? Is it a rational method?
I think that without deniel or acceptance of it we may go through some facts :
Suppose a blind man comes to us. He is blind by birth.He requests us to describe about colours. He want to know the differences between green and red. Can we give a satisfactory explanation to him? Another example: A deaf person wants to know the difference between Karnatik song and gazal. How we can give a correct answer to him?
Think whether our language will be helpful in the above matters.If not, how can deny the rishis saying on absolute truth?