Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Health-mental attitude.

Do you desire to live with healthy? Do you intend to maintain your resistence power and to prevent deseases? If so, you have to change your concept about health and illness. deseases do not come to our body directly.Virus can enter to us directly through food, water or through air. But,the entering of virus and bacteria in our body does not causes the desease.Our body can resist them. When our body becomes incapable for resistence then only we will fall to desease. How, the body becomes incapable for resistence against illness.

We know every person has a mind.Mind consists consciouss mind and sub consciouss mind. We are doing our actions with consciouss mind such as working,eating,drinking,playing etc.But, consciouss mind is minor part of our mind. The major part is sub consciousness. The sub consciousness mind determine our destiny.Our beliefs,concepts etc lay in the sub consciousness mind.If we can put positive thought in the sub conscious mind removing opposit negative thought therein, if such thought already exists there, we can change our destiny.

Now, we can go to the matter mentioned in the first paragraph. In the first place, the desease comes to our mind.If in our sub consciousness a thought that chicken guniya will attack us, there is possibility for falling to chicken guniya. If anybody thinks that I will be in a healthy condition and that chicken guniya cannot touch me,there is every possibility for him to conquer chicken guniya.

How can we make our sub conscious mind to such a level to prevent desease? Try this: When you awake in the morning utilise ten or fifteen minutes for thinking and saying as this- I am healthy.No desease can attack me.In the night also, at the bed,before sleeping recite this. Gradually, you will gain self confidence; your self-confidence will be increased. No desease comes to you.

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